About US

Company FCP- SK provides skilled, higly professional services in the areas of:


1. Advice on real estate investments

2. Supervised construction (price, quality, terms, fulfilment of the Contract)

3. Engineering and design

4. Legal Matters (property settlement, preparation of purchase contracts, proposals and submission of title to land, esasements, development expertise, etc.)

5. Brokerage

6. Construction Management supervision

Rich experieced staff of FCP-SK gives customers high preconditions for succesful fulfilment of their tasks. Our idea is to provide contractors saving, high quality and achieve the objective of the contracted period. Our experience is suffcient to guarantee the quality, fixed price and customer satisfaction.

Our specialists review and optimize:


1. Contracting agenda

2. Technival projection

3. Implementation of the project

4. Legislative compliance stadards and laws of the investment process